Spray Foam Insulation Contains No Harmful Chemicals!

Upgrade Your Insulation Systems with Lapolla Spray Foam

Being the first to introduce high-quality commercial spray foam technology, Lapolla stands at the vanguard of bringing improvised, energy-efficient, and sustainable insulation practices. The reliable spray foam does an impressive job at helping you save on utility bills, prevent the growth of pollutants, and reduce damage caused by condensation

Warm Lofts Insulation is a licensed contractor with fully trained and experienced installers who can efficiently install Lapolla spray foam onto your walls, ceilings, floors, and any other structure. Lapolla helps you in reducing the carbon footprint and in living a green life every day! .

Choose a Performer of Your Choice

You can choose between Lapolla open-cell spray foam and closed-cell spray foam. In case you find it hard to determine a spray foam that is fit for your property, we can help you pick the best one. Both the foam spray types create an efficient barrier system in the wall cavities with a progressive application.

With minimal air leakages and intrusion, you get to cut down around 45-50% of your energy expenses. These installations help prevent air infiltration, exfiltration, conduction, convection, and control the solar-driven moisture inside a building.

You can trust Warm Lofts Insulation to ensure the smooth running of the project from start to end. You remain informed throughout the process and get to experience the expertly installed home and office improvement product.

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green homes grant
green homes grant

Here you can see we have had to use Lapolla Boards to place in between the rafters to protect the tiles that were on show. The boards are fully breathable, which enables us to apply our Open Cell insulation. In some cases we would apply roofing felt. Just as effective as how the Lapolla boards are before application of the foam