Secrets to increasing your home's value: study reveals £25,000 increase for EPC improvements

Study found that improving your home's Energy Performance Certificate or EPC could mean an increase of up to £25,000 in value.

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Ryan Kavanagh
Director @ Warm Lofts Insulation

Study found that improving your home's Energy Performance Certificate or EPC could mean an increase of up to £25,000 in value.

Many property investors are looking to increase their property's value. The best way to do this is by investing in energy efficient improvements, such as spray foam insulation and an EPC rating. Spray foam insulation can help reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling your home, saving you money on electricity bills! This blog post will take a look at how improving your property's EPC could mean an increase of up to £25,000 in property value!
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According to a property investment company, property investors found that an increase in property value can be as high as £25,000 from improving the EPC rating. This is due to increased energy efficiency for heating and cooling your home, which reduces electricity costs. These savings were also reported on property websites such as Zoopla.

Spray foam insulation is an eco friendly product that the government are supporting in their target to reduce emissions and meet the net carbon foot print
Eco friendly

It is a product that property investors and homeowners are widely choosing when it comes to insulating their property as it is the most energy efficient and most effective insulation in the UK. 

It is reported in the study by property investment experts that property investors who have already improved their EPC rating saw an average increase of nearly £25,000. This can be used as a guide for future homeowners looking to purchase a home.

Spray foam - with it's R value (resistance heat flow) being 3 times more effective than any other insulator, which is perfect for a homeowner looking to save money on their bills, by allowing the spray foam insulation to improve your home's energy performance rather then using central heating and wasting money on bills that can be lowered.
Spray Foam Insulation

Once installed you can look forward to much more cleaner and comfortable living space and help the government reach their targets of reducing emissions.

Your investment will be backed by savings you make as well as an increase in your property value.
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